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Ibn Haldun’s theoretical breadth and depth underlies the IHU Sociology Department’s approach to its own discipline, which is to engage critically with existing thought systems in order to build a new epistemological, ontological and methodological foundation for intellectual independence. At the same time, through its experienced academic staff the Department seeks to train students who have a critical approach and an interdisciplinary perspective; who are open to new ideas, concepts and methods; who make the most of a rich and complex historical heritage while also under- standing the spirit of the times.

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Center for Oral History and Social Memory Studies

The purpose of the Center for Oral History and Social Memory Studies (COHSM); is to unearth the histories of the issues; religious, ethnic, ideological, economic, professional and social groups and institutions; formal and informal institutions; settlements and architectural structures as well as commercial companies, thus contributing to the historiography of the modern Turkey. COHSM, with the oral history studies, projects, courses and training seminars to be carried out under its umbrella, aims at unearthing, recording and archiving individual and collective lives forming different colors and pluralist structure of Turkey, as well as at bridging the histories and memories of past, today and future.

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