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MA Theses Completed

Student Title Supervisor Year
Halima Bensaid Muslim Western Diaspora: Finding Home and Belonging in Istanbul Prof. Ramazan Aras 2024
Shahrukh Burki Hunger and Help: A Case Study of a Civil Society Organization in Urban Pakistan Prof. Alev Erkilet 2024
Yakubu Ali Conceptualization of Romantic Love in Gana: A Probe within the Zongo Societies Prof. Ramazan Aras 2023
Nesibenur Şatıroğlu You Wake Up Each Day with Four Stranger Kids “ An Ethnographic Research with Children Living in Children Homes” Prof. Ramazan Aras 2023
Zahide Şeyda Karabatak Changing Experiences of Marriage and Masculinity in Turkey: Turkish Men’s Transnational Marriages to Indonesian Women in the Black Sea Region Prof. Ramazan Aras 2023
Saiyid Ashraf Husain Jafri (Uni)versalism for Philistines and Lconoclasts: The scope of Post-Sectarianism among the Indian Muslims. Prof. Alev Erkilet 2023
Muhammad Akbar Angkasa Soft-Power of Turkey and Non-Governmental Organizations: The Case of IDDE Prof. Alev Erkilet 2022
Mariam Agha “The Ones Who Walk Away”: An Ethnography of Exiled Egyptian Expatriates in Istanbul Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2022
Afnan Abdalla Alternative Learning Spaces in Cairo: the Making and Re-making of Space and Real Life Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2022
Neven Aboueldahab The Influence of International School’s Western Culture on Egyptian Muslim Students’ Identity Prof. Alev Erkilet 2022
Büşra Coşkun Religion, Memory, and Sense of Belonging: Tradition of Memorization of Qur’an in Turkey 1923-1950 Prof. Ramazan Aras 2022
Ruhul Amin Between State and Religion: The Marginalization of Aliya Madrasa Students in Bangladesh Prof. Ramazan Aras 2021
Ibtissem Chatta Memory and Emotions in the Identity Construction: The Algerian Descendants in Adana Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2021
Abdirashid Kalmoy Hopes in Transition: An Etnography on Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Istanbul Asst. Prof. Ramazan Aras 2021
Salma Al-Zamel The Muslim Malay Diaspora in Canada: The Case of Muslim Agency and Global Civility Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2020
Nesibe Demir The Role of Space and Emotions in the Experiences of Muslim Women: Hanımlar İlim ve Kültür Derneği (HİKDE) Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2020
Ayşenur Ögcem An Outside Look at the Turkish Reform: The Medeniyet Newspaper Asst. Prof. Üyesi Mehmet Özay 2020
Nesibe Şahin The Context of Civil Society: Analyzing the Muslim Women’s Participation in the Institutionalization Process in Turkey Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2020
Betül Tozlu Digital Community, Fan Spaces and Gendered Emotions: An Analysis on Korean Pop Music (K-POP) Fandom in Turkey Asst. Prof. Nursem Keskin Aksay 2020
Haktan Tursun The Making of an Order: An Ethnography of Romani Sufis in Uskudar Prof. Ramazan Aras 2019