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On this page, you can review the Grant and Award opportunities offered by our department.

Description of Awards

The Department of Sociology, Ibn Haldun University, awards two prizes every year: the Post Graduate Talal Asad Prize for the best dissertation and the Undergraduate Alberuni prize for the best dissertation.

  • The prize in the name of Talal Asad, arguably one of the greatest living anthropologists of our time and an unconventional thinker whose ideas have impacted scholars across disciplines, is instituted to mark, honour, and carry forward the vibrant, rich and critical tradition of thinking, which Asad has contributed to as well as crucially shaped.
  • The aim of the prize instituted in the name of Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Alberuni (d. 1050) is to underline the presence and richness of an anthropological-sociological approach (e.g., in his Kitāb-ul-Hind/Tārīkh al- Hind) in non-Western traditions and long before the rise of anthropology in West, including Kant’s (1798) Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View.

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