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About Us

Welcome to the sociology department at Ibn Haldun University. As the chair of the department, I am delighted to invite you to explore our vibrant academic community and the opportunities it offers to both visitors and prospective students.

As Sociology Department, we foster a critical engagement with existing thought systems, aiming to construct a new epistemological, ontological, and methodological framework that promotes intellectual independence.

Our experienced academic staff is dedicated to cultivating students who adopt a critical stance and embrace an interdisciplinary perspective. We encourage open-mindedness towards new ideas, concepts, and methods, while simultaneously appreciating the intricacies of our diverse historical heritage and understanding the spirit of our times.

In our undergraduate program, we provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts and debates within sociology. Our aim is to equip them with a solid foundation to analyze local and global problems from a sociological perspective. Furthermore, our BA students have the opportunity to pursue double majors or engage in major-minor courses of study in collaboration with other departments and programs at Ibn Haldun University.

Building upon the strong basis established in our undergraduate program, our MA and PhD programs offer advanced and in-depth theoretical and methodological discussions. We encourage students to embark on ethnographical, historical, or comparative research projects, enabling them to delve further into their areas of interest. The knowledge and research abilities our students acquire during their time at Ibn Haldun University empower them to pursue academic careers in various social science fields or utilize their honed skills and perspectives in diverse sectors within the public or private sphere.

Our department's research foci reflect our commitment to addressing pressing social issues and exploring areas of societal significance. They include:

  • Migration and Refugee Studies,
  • Gender, Women, and Family Studies,
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Religion,
  • City And Space/Place,
  • Political Anthropology and Sociology,
  • Oral History, Social Memory, and Emotions.

These interdisciplinary foci serve as the pillars of our research endeavors and offer valuable opportunities for students to engage in meaningful and impactful projects.

I encourage you to explore our website further to learn more about our faculty, research initiatives, and the dynamic academic environment that awaits you at the sociology department. Whether you are a prospective student, a researcher, or simply interested in sociology, we warmly welcome you to join us on this intellectual journey of discovery and transformation.


Prof. Ramazan Aras
Chair, Sociology Department