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The Al-Biruni Award - For the Best Undergraduate Dissertation

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the Al-Biruni Award for the Best Undergraduate Dissertation. The Award is named in honour of Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni (d. 1050), often hailed as the first Anthropologist. The Al-Biruni Award for Best Undergraduate Dissertation aims to underline the presence and richness of an anthropological-sociological approach in non-western traditions long before the rise of anthropology in the western/modern world.

Nominations and the Jury

Nominations will be made by faculty members of the Sociology Department and shall consist of a dissertation that they have personally supervised. The jury will be a committee comprised of three faculty members of the Sociology Department, and will serve for one year. Following the end of their tenure, a new committee will succeed them. Judging shall be based on academic criteria, and the Award will be awarded on merit. 

The Award

Along with the citation mentioned above, the winner will receive a cash award of 4,000 Turkish Lira. The award will be presented in a formal ceremony by a distinguished figure. The presentation will take place at the annual Sociology Day Conference, held in May/June. 

It is our intent that the Al-Biruni Award for Best Undergraduate Dissertation will serve to inspire our students both morally and intellectually. As we look to the years ahead, these bright young minds will play the key roles in shaping our future.